Seventeen are a South Korean musical act who started out in 2013 with a mix of K-pop, hip-hop and dance on a show called 'Seventeen' on an online streaming platform called UStream. There are three units; with rappers Choi Seung Cheol, who goes by the name S. Coups, Jeon Wonwoo, Kim Mingyu and Hansol Vernon Choi (Vernon); vocalists Yoon Jeong Han (Jeonghan), Joshua Hong (Joshua); Lee Jihoon (Woozi), Lee Seokmin (DK) and Boo Seung Kwan; and dancers Wen Junhui (Jun), Kwon Soonyoung (Hoshi), Xu Minghao (The8) and Lee Chan (Dino).

Their 2015 EP '17 Carat' went to number eight on Billboard's World Albums chart and another EP, 'Boys Be', topped the chart in the same year. Their 2016 album 'Love & Letter' and the EP 'Going Seventeen' (2016) reached number three. The EP 'AIir1: 4th Mini Album' (2017) peaked at number two and the second album, 'O2: Teen, Age: Seventeen' (2017), topped the chart. They performed across Japan and appeared in the television show 'One Fine Day' and also in 2017 they toured selected cities in Asia and North America.

'Seventeen Special Album: Director's Cut' (2018) went to number two on the World Albums chart and '5th Mini Album: You Make My Day' (2018) reached number three. Their single 'Oh My!' peaked at number two on the Billboard Korea K-Pop 100 and 'Thanks' reached number 14 in 2018. In 2019, 'Getting Closer' went to number three, 'Good to Me' hit number two and 'Home' topped the chart. 'Seventeen 6th Mini Album: You Made My Dawn' (2019) hit number four on the World Albums chart. Their 2019 schedule was to include appearances at venues across Japan.

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