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Benjamin Hekimian


, , France


Benjamin Hekimian, who goes by the name Waxx, is a French rock singer-guitarist and producer of Armenian heritage who garnered attention via a YouTube channel called 'Returns Committee' that he runs with PV Nova. In 2007, he joined with singer-guitarist Guillaume Héribere, who goes by the name Naosol, bassist Pathrick Bethorey and drummer Mathieu Hayout to form a group called Naosol & Waxx. Hekimian remains busy with the YouTube channel and in 2017 he released the single and video 'Turn Up'.

He has written and composed music for the French television miniseries 'Le Comité des Reprises' and 'Waxx'. In 2019, he released an album titled 'Fantôme' with tracks that include 'LTQT' featuring Georgio, 'Rasheed Wallace' featuring Twinsmatic, 'Ghost' featuring Pomme, 'Hot Damn' featuring Beat Assailant, 'Voodoo' featuring Assailant and 'Reason' featuring Doums.

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19 avr 2019