Mixing electro with gangster rap, female duo SXTN arrived on the German hip-hop scene with loud, provocative tales of sex, drugs and partying and offered a wild new soundtrack to Berlin's working class youth culture.

Nura had originally come to Germany as a refugee at three-years-old but ended up in a care home at twelve after rebelling against her strict, Muslim upbringing. She moved to Berlin at eighteen on her own, where she met a kindred spirit in Juju, who had grown up in a tough neighbourhood and become involved in gang culture. They officially formed SXTN together in 2014 and released their breakthrough single 'Deine Mutter' before their EP 'Asozialisierungsprogramm'.

They made guest appearances on tracks by K.I.Z. and Ali As, before their debut album 'Leben am Limit' reached number eight in the German charts in 2017. They also found success with single 'Made 4 Love' and collaborated on tracks with Blokkmonsta and Schwesta Ewa, before taking a hiatus in 2018 and focusing on their solo projects.

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