Fabio Rovazzi


18 Janvier 1994, Milan, Milan, Italy


Fabio Rovazzi (né Fabiano Piccolrovazzi à Milan le 18 janvier 1994) est un rappeur italien révélé par le titre « Andiamo a Comandare », un premier single classé numéro un en 2016, tout comme le suivant sorti la même année, « Tutto Molto Interessante ». Également acteur et producteur, il prête sa voix à des films d'animation comme Sonic, le film (2018). Son troisième single « Volare », avec la participation de Gianni Morandi, se classe n°2 et sert de support à une publicité dans laquelle apparaît le chanteur. En 2018, Fabio Rovazzi participe au film Il Vegetale de Gennario Nunziante et publie son quatrième single, « Solo Se Ci Sei Te » (classé n°4), suivi de « Faccio Quello Che Voglio » (non classé) et, en 2019, de « Senza Pensieri » (n°29).

A social media star known for his whacky YouTube videos, Fabio Rovazzi became a huge pop phenomenon in Italy in 2015 after his track Andiamo A Comandare (Let's Command) received millions of views. Born in Lambrate, Milan, he dropped out of art school and started making promotional films for night clubs in the city, before posting his own video diaries based around his love of dance music, club culture and hip-hop. His celebrity grew when he appeared on Rai 2's television show Sorci Verdi and befriended host and rapper J-Ax, and his quirky skits began going viral. With help from J-Ax and Fedez's record label Newtopia and producers Merk & Kremont, Rovazzi created Let's Command as a novelty EDM track with the message that you can party and go clubbing without taking drugs or drinking alcohol. Written with rapper Danti from Two Fingerz, it quickly became the first single to reach gold status purely through streaming alone in Italy and received over 28 million hits on YouTube, transforming the 22-year-old into one of the country's biggest stars. It topped the Italian singles chart for five weeks in a row and Rovazzi went on to perform at the Coca Cola Summer Festival in Rome and collaborate with DJ Gabry Ponte.

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