Marc E. Bassy


9 Avril 1987


Starting out his career as Marc Griffin, a singer-songwriter for the Los Angeles pop ensemble 2AM Club, Griffin came to the attention of Talking Heads guitarist Jerry Harrison who recorded a demo with the band leading to a strong regional following on the West Coast of America. After signing a deal with RCA the band moved to New York before eventually splitting up. This prompted Griffin to re-invent himself as Marc E. Bassy, R&B and rap artist. Under his new persona he joined the SoundCloud generation releasing the track Relapse and his mixtape Only The Poets as downloads. After signing a deal with Universal in 2015 he released his debut album East Hollywood, a collection of nine tracks featuring contributions with Ty Dolla $ign, G-Eazy, Bobby Brackins and P-Lo. In 2016 he released the EP Groovy People which included the single You And Me, another collaboration with G-Eazy.

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