Dolly Style


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Created by songwriters Emma Nors and Palle Hammarlund in 2014, Dolly Style's initial concept was that the girls were Victorian dolls who'd come to life and formed a band. Their style was also heavily influenced by Japanese gyaru culture and became a bizarre, colourful mix of Euro disco, manga cartoons and girl power.

Signed to Capitol Records, the three character roles of Molly, Holly and Polly were first taken by Carolina Magnell, Alexandra Salomonsson and Emma Pucek as they launched themselves with debut hit 'Hello Hi' and performed at the 'Melodifestivalen' contest in 2015, quickly building a unique fantasy world with early singles 'Cherry Gum' and 'Upsy Daisy'.

They competed at the 'Melodifestivalen' competition again the following year and reached the second chance round with high-energy, electro pop 'Rollercoaster', before releasing their first EP 'Moonlight' 2017. A new line-up later included Caroline Aronsson (Polly), Vilma Davidsson (Holly) and Mikaela Samuelsson (Molly) and they enjoyed their biggest success in 2019 when single 'Habib' made the Swedish top ten.

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