Nikke Ankara

Nom de naissance

Niiles Ilmari Hiirola


26 Avril 1991, Lahti, , Finland


Niiles Ilmari Hiirola, who goes by the name Nikke Ankara, is a Finnish hip-hop performer who has had two releases on the Finland albums chart. 'Nikke tulee kotiin' (2015) went to number five and 'Ootsä nähny Nikkee' (2018) reached number three. He has had several tracks on the Finland singles chart since his debut in 2014 with 'Perjantal 13', which reached number nine. Tracks that topped the chart include 'Värifilmi' (2015) with Aki Tykki, 'Ettei nyt vaan sattuis mitään' (2016), 'Pettävällä jäällä' (2017) and 'Rikkinäinen prinsessa' (2018). He has featured on tracks by other acts including Anti Tuisku's 'Party (papiidipaadi)', which went to number one in 2015. His single 'Tuhat Ja Yksi Yöta' came out in 2019. His schedule was to include appearances at Wanhat Wehkeet 2019 in Karstula, Finland and venues in Lahti and Vierumäki.

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