Kim Walker-Smith


19 Décembre 1981


With over 23 million views of her videos on YouTube, Kim Walker-Smith is one of America's leading Christian music performers. A small town girl from Albany, Oregon, Walker is part of a family with long standing musical traditions. She grew up singing and performing in the local theatre until at the age of 18 when she claimed to have a profound religious experience and vowed to spend the rest her life devoted to God, recording and selling music for the Christian music market.

Walker-Smith credits Misty Edwards and Suzy Yarei as her prime musical influences, both successful artists within the field of Christian music. In 2005 she won $25,000 in the television talent show 'So You Want to Be a Star', an acheivement which raised her popularity within the world of musical worship.

Having recorded an extraordinary number of albums in a relatively short career - including 'Here Is My Song', 'Still Believe' and 'Let It Echo' - Walker-Smith announced that she would like to see her music sold to a more secular audience. As well as her activities as a solo performer Walker-Smith is also a regular member of Jesus Culture, a faith music band based at the Bethel Church of Redding in California.

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