Nom de naissance

Juho Samuli Huhtala


Helsinki, , Finland


Quitting his job as a high-flying investment banker to become a star of Finland's rap scene, MC Spekti scored his first number one single 'Macho Fantastico' in 2014 and built his reputation on good-time party hits and catchy, goofball rhymes.

While studying at the Helsinki School of Economics, Samuli Huhtala aka Spekti, started out rapping with a group called Trilogia in 1999 and first made a guest feature on the Fintelligens track 'A-Ha' in 2002. Despite releasing an album with Trilogia, he also graduated with a masters degree in economics and as his banking career took off, he successfully worked his way up to becoming an investment director at the Nordea financial services group.

He returned to rapping in his thirties in 2010 with an appearance on Uniikki's hit 'Pojat on Poikii', and eventually quit his job in 2013 to release his debut solo album 'Diktaattorimies' through Rähinä Records. Seta Tamu, Cheek and Tasis were some of his fellow Finnish rappers who featured on the album, and Spekti also released the top ten hit 'Juomalaulu'. He went on to top the charts with 'Macho Fantastico', a quirky, novelty record which became his signature pop anthem.

His second album shared the same title and also featured Mikael Gabriel, Elastinen and Kim Herold, while Spekti returned again in 2019 with energetic new single 'Pitka Perjantai' made with producer Samuel Kovanko.

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