Una Healy

Nom de naissance

Una Theresa Imogene Healy


10 Octobre 1981, Ireland


Irish singer Una Healy had initially tried to build a solo career in her native Ireland but had achieved only moderate success and travelled to the UK to look for career opportunities. In 2007, after auditioning for the all-girl pop band The Saturdays, she was accepted into the group and began her rise to stardom.

The band were extremely successful in the UK and had a series of top ten album and single hits. Encouraged by their success the band re-located to Los Angeles in an attempt to break into the lucrative US market. Their arrival in 2013 and subsequent campaign to conquer America was scheduled to be documented in a US reality TV show called 'Chasing The Saturdays'. Unfortunately the band's formulaic Euro-pop style failed to capture the imagination of American audiences and the show was cancelled after just a few episodes. The following year the band stopped touring and recording.

Healy has since built up a solo career and become something of a celebrity in Ireland as the wife of rugby star Ben Foden and as a judge on the Irish TV talent show 'The Voice of Ireland'.

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