Prinz Pi

Nom de naissance

Friedrich Kautz


23 Octobre 1979, Germany


German rap and hip-hop artist Prinz Pi was born Friedrich Kautz in Berlin-Charlottenburg in 1979 and grew up in affluent district of Schlatensee. As a teenager he was an art student at the Berlin Art Academy and became a clandestine graffiti artist going by the tag Prinz Porno. During the formative years of his music career he would often appear under the Prinz Porno title and between 1998 and 2005 he began to build up his credibility as a rapper releasing numerous mix tapes and EPs. Eventually in 2006 he released the critically-acclaimed album '!DonneWetteR!' which gave him his first taste of chart success after it reached number 56 in the German listings. Building on this success he strengthened his appeal to German hip-hop fans with a series of collaborations which included contributions to his material by artists such as Timi Hendrix, Raf Camora and Mudi.

In 2013 he had his first number one hit when his album 'Kompass Ohne Norden' topped the German Charts, a significant achievement for a hip-hop performer, repeated the following year when the album 'pp = mc²' which also went to number one. He went on to record another 13 albums and firmly establish himself as one of Germany's top rap artists.

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