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Lucifer est un groupe de doom metal fondé en 2014 par la chanteuse Johanna Sadonis. Les membres originaux du groupe sont principalement originaires de Berlin et de Londres, et le groupe lui-même s'est finalement installé à Stockholm. En 2015, Lucifer a sorti les premiers singles "Anubis" et "Izrael" Le premier album Lucifer I a suivi la même année. Après quelques changements de personnel, l'album suivant Lucifer II est sorti en 2018. L'album a atteint la 20e place en Suède et est également entré dans les charts allemands à la 40e place. Deux ans plus tard, le troisième album studio Lucifer III est sorti, se classant dans le top 20 des charts en Allemagne et en Suède. En 2021, le groupe sort Lucifer IV, qui ne parvient pas à égaler le succès de ses prédécesseurs. Début 2024, Lucifer revient dans le Top 40 avec Lucifer V, qui atteint la 32e place en Allemagne.

Led by the wailing majesty of front woman Johanna Sadonis with dark, heavy slabs of vintage metal thunder and witchy, occultist menace, German rock powerhouse Lucifer are unashamedly cast from the same mould as the great British metal gods of the 1970s. Born in East Germany, Sadonis started singing in bands when she was just 14 years old and was a keen part of Berlin's black metal scene in the 1990s, running local club nights when she decided to form The Oath in 2012 with Swedish guitarist Linnea Olson. Although the band's raw, vintage riffs and sizzling chemistry quickly made them cult, doom-rock favourites in Europe, they split suddenly after only one album in 2014.

The shock of the break-up gave Sadonis a new lease of life however, and with the help of former Cathedral guitarist Gary Jennings, Ladytron's touring bass player Dino Gollnick and Angel Witch drummer Andrew Prestridge, Lucifer was born out of a renewed love for the likes of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Blue Öyster Cult. Signed to Rise Above Records, their debut album 'Lucifer I' was a triumphantly twisted celebration of classic rock swagger and black magic weirdness, with Sadonis establishing herself as a captivating performer and off-beat songwriter. They returned with a new line-up featuring Sadonis, guitarist Robin Tidebrink and drummer Nicke Andersson from Entombed in 2018, and their second album 'Lucifer II' was an even more melodic, bluesy slice of heavy rock grooves and gothic, outsider curiosities.

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