Robert John

Nom de naissance

Robert John Pedrick, Jr.


3 Janvier 1946


When he was just 12-years-old, Robert John had his first hit single with White Bucks And Saddle Shoes under the name Bobby Pedrick Jr. In his youth he fronted the band Bobby & The Consoles, achieving fame with the 1963 record My Jelly Bean. Two years later he changed his performing name to Robert John and signed a recording contract with Columbia Records, under whom he released If You Don't Want My Love and Don't Leave Me. In 1971 he released a cover version of The Tokens' hit The Lion Sleeps Tonight, attracting wide attention and earning a number three place in the charts. 1979 saw him release his biggest-selling single Sad Eyes, which took him to number one, propelled by the anti-disco backlash. Follow-up singles failed to achieve the same momentum and John's popularity began to dwindle, culminating in the release of his Greatest Hits in 1992.

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